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Transfer content Samsung Galaxy S6 to Galaxy S7 USB Connector

For more info see If my video helps you please like it. This video will show you how to transfer content, such as music, clips, photos, ...

Usb Connector on Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

This is your first job when buying a Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge with USB Connector accessories, data transfer from the old system to the Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7 USB OTG Connector : 5 COOL Things to do with it !

Every Galaxy S7 comes with an OTG USB Connector. It allows you to connect virtually any USB device to your Galaxy S7! ▷️100 Layers of Screen Protectors ...

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    In my Bag, Fully Expanded

    I'm currently working as a Part Time Driver and Office Executive, theres a need for me to travel in very short notice to Malaysia or Drive people around Singapore. First Row Left to Right 1) Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0...

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    Samsung Galaxy S7

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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 successor circumstantial as "whole new ballgame"

    11/10/16, via SlashGear

    One of several reasons for this is the Samsung Outfit VR, a device originally marketed to the Note 7 at launch. The 2016 Gear VR was launched with an adapter which allowed the yardstick USB-C connector to be used with legacy devices like Galaxy S7 and

  • Alcatel targets Windows 10 fans with a VR-keen smartphone

    11/15/16, via TechRepublic

    The phone is advertised as having improved battery individual, with a non-removable 3,000 mAh battery powered with a USB-C connector. My hands-on test showed this to be true. I was able to use it for an entire day, and then some, without needing to recharge.

  • Virus untenanted and quids in after upgrade

    11/15/16, via Bangkok Post

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 is on the compass and may be here faster due to Note 7 woes. The rumour mill is You may remember from last week that Apple's new notebooks have a USB-C connector blocking out all of the older peripherals. The Thunderbolt

  • OnePlus 3T vs Galaxy S7: Which phone should I buy?

    11/15/16, via TrustedReviews

    OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7: In the fight between these two Android titans, which handset comes out on top? We weigh up specs, features, and price to help you decide on your next smartphone edge.

  • The exceptional evolution of the USB Type-C on Android and iOS ...

    11/07/16, via AndroidPIT

    The USB wire as we know it has undergone many iterations over the years. The latest one is the USB Type-C. Will all Android and iOs smartphones switch to

Samsung Galaxy S7 successor complete as "whole new ballgame" - SlashGear

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is tipped as aiming to revitalize the virtue name of the company with three sizes at once. The company’s strategy has been considered, says our source, in several assorted ways. In that strategy, a release of the Galaxy S8, a new Galaxy S8 Plus, and the swift return of the Galaxy Note series, too. Our source familiar with the vulnerable to who shall remain anonymous suggests that Samsung is anxious to return to the market to replace the Galaxy Note 7. One of several reasons for this is the Samsung Materials VR, a device originally marketed to the Note 7 at launch. The 2016 Gear VR was launched with an adapter which allowed the criterion USB-C connector to be used with legacy devices like Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the Note 5, Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, and the S6 edge+. Each of the next generation’s smartphones from Samsung will despatch with USB-C, according to our information. This should make the next generation more actively prepared to work with accessories of the future as well as the oncoming waves of USB-C-only devices. While Samsung did initiate devices like the two-way micro-USB cord for power and data transfer in the past, they’ll be ready to roll for swifter functionality with USB-C a moment. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a display that’s larger than previous models but not sharper. The 2K display featured on the Galaxy S7 should prove to be enough for the Galaxy S8, provided Samsung makes it look larger by spreading it up and out, not unlike the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung smartphone fans will certainly want to look into buying a action with their next Galaxy phone purchase. A processor at least as new as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 will be used in all three devices. RAM may be increased on the Galaxy Note-like monogram, regardless of the name it’ll end up being called. The largest of these devices will quite likely be the next with Samsung’s S Pen. Understanding that Samsung may release three smartphones at decidedly instead of spreading the Galaxy S from the Note line by many months may be the ticket. In addition to incremental changes to the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Together with, and Note lines, replacing the vacuum created by the Note 7’s recall must be paramount for Samsung. It’ll be a risk by Samsung to cannibalize sales of their own Galaxy. Source:

Alcatel targets Windows 10 fans with a VR-quick smartphone - TechRepublic

There's a new Microsoft Windows 10 phone, and it's from Alcatel. The phone is the oldest Windows 10 smartphone to arrive VR-ready with goggles and a pre-loaded VR app, and it's exclusive to T-Mobile. It's an interesting new tender given that the number of Microsoft phone fans are dwindling, with most users turning to iPhones and Android phones. Acer and HP make available corporate Windows phones, but there are few consumer devices running Windows 10. The Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 is a principal phone that went on sale November 10. However, don't confuse basic for inexpensive. The full retail amount of this phone, with a 5. 5-inch display, is $469. 99, but it's currently on sale at T-Mobile stores for $399 for a carton that includes 4S VR Goggles and a free Incipio case. The purchase includes a few freebies, such as a 45-day free examination of Hulu Plus, a 30-day trial of Microsoft's Groove Music, and a copy of the Spartan Assault diversion. SEE: Windows 10 updates will soon eat less bandwidth and battery life (TechRepublic). What's good about it The phone is advertised as having improved battery time, with a non-removable 3,000 mAh battery powered with a USB-C connector. This is due in part to the Snapdragon 820 power management technology, the 1080p show, and the somewhat low light output of 210 nits, according to PC World. The 4S VR Goggles are the first time the Windows phone fraternity has had a VR option, outside of the pricey Microsoft HoloLens. The VR experience through these goggles is decent, and there's no lag-induced nausea that I shrewd with the Samsung Gear VR. What's not so good about it The phone has a glass front and a glass black, but for some reason the back feels and looks like pinchbeck, with a bronze metal band sandwiched in between. The phone is lightweight, but the plastic backing makes it feel weak. A definite negative is the lack of NFC support, which means it's not possible to use Microsoft's tap-to-pay wallet app. The fingerprint sensor is awkwardly placed on the back of the phone near the camera lens, so it can be bitter to find to open the phone quickly. It's also not nearly as accurate as some other phone, that I've recently tested, such as the HTC Bolt and, sad to say, the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7. While the last. Source:

Virus detach and quids in after upgrade - Bangkok Post

After some years, I moved from Vipre anti-virus across to BitDefender. Role of the reason was base pricing and the rest was that Vipre still charges a premium for Android device protection, something included in the BitDefender kinfolk plan. Changing was as simple as uninstalling one and installing the other. The new product has already flagged a number of infection attempts and also a refuge scanning incident. Around the same time I started having problems with web browsing. Some sites would be fine and others would not come up for a long time or error out. I changed the SSL validation setting in BitDefender which fixed one issue but the remainder stayed. Doing some experimentation, I found the product NetBalancer which when installed immediately cleared up the problem by taking control over what processes could access the network at express priorities. I still don't know what was causing the initial problem but if you are having similar problems try NetBalancer, there is a free translation for basic functionality. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is on the horizon and may be here faster due to Note 7 woes. The rumour mill is working overtime with guess on what it may contain. For your prediction pleasure, here are the best of them. 6GB of RAM with whatever the latest CPU is at the time, possibly a 3GHz Exynos 8895 or 32GHz octa-quintessence Snapdragon 830 chip, depending on where you are. Dual camera with around 24MP on the back and 8MP front facing. screen rate anywhere from 5- to 5. 5-inches or maybe two versions. finally, USB-C and of course it will be more expensive than the S7. The more reliable rumour is an AI assistant like Apple's Siri. Samsung bought out Viv Labs, a start-up that was a spin-off from the one that did Siri. The name Bixby or Viv has been doing the rounds as "computer software for in person information management", through a voice recognition system that enables "hands-free use of a mobile phone". You may reminisce over from last week that Apple's new notebooks have a USB-C connector blocking out all of the older peripherals. The Thunderbolt connector for monitors also reduces your options to a pigmy few. You can of course buy a dongle or 20 but last week they were a lot more expensive. Apple has finally figured out that their customers will be extraordinarily angry about this and have reduced dongle prices. Source:
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