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  • Samsung adjusting Galaxy Note 7 television after fires

    10/10/16, via KREM.com

    The South Korean tech monster said in a statement Monday that the production schedule for the smartphone has been changed “temporarily” to take more steps to ensure worth and safety matters. The South Korean electronics giant was forced to recall 2.5

  • The Crotchgrabber

    08/11/16, via The New Yorker

    I could approximately feel the financial yoke of my son's college tuition slipping off my neck. Then an approaching guy chatting equably with a . I'm tickled pink to have aged out of the days when every street worker or blunt-puffing idler was part of a masculine

  • Intel's so-called background of meritocracy is costing 12000 people their jobs

    05/16/16, via Quartz

    “Just you tarry,” Intel kept telling us, year after year. “Yes, our legacy x86 architecture, dominant in the PC world, hasn't yet won a go up in the world in smartphones and tablets, but our company's superior manufacturing technology will inevitably lead to victory…”.

  • Mazda recalls 2.2M vehicles worldwide; bottom hatches can fall

    09/08/16, via KSLA-TV

    Mazda says the corrosion safe keeping coating applied to the hatch lift supports at the factory wasn't sufficient. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, Alphabetize). DETROIT (AP) - Mazda is recalling 2.2 million cars and SUVs worldwide because the rear hatches can disappointing collapse on

  • Galaxy Note 7 banned from all flights

    10/14/16, via KSLA-TV

    The ban comes centre of an ongoing recall on the smartphone after many devices exploded and caught fire. Samsung discontinued Galaxy Note 7 on Friday. The outright expense of the recall is estimated to be at least $5.3 billion. “We recognize that banning these

Samsung adjusting Galaxy Note 7 movie after fires - KREM.com

Samsung is adjusting creation of the Galaxy Note 7 after multiple replacement devices caught fire. The South Korean tech titan said in a statement Monday that the production schedule for the smartphone has been changed “temporarily” to take more steps to ensure calibre and safety matters. The South Korean electronics giant was forced to recall 2. 5 million of the creative Note 7 phablet-sized phones last month, when lithium-ion batteries in some of those devices caught feeling. At least three of the Note 7 replacement units have since overheated, according to multiple reports. Late sunday, South Korea's Yonhap tidings agency and The Wall Street Journal reported Samsung had temporarily suspended output of the device. Halted film of the Note 7 and Note 7 Plus could have devastating consequences for Samsung, the world’s biggest seller of smartphones. "Battery-attendance” has badly burned Samsung’s reputation and could undercut its competitive standing in a crowded smartphone market recently joined by Google, with its new Pixel phone, and Apple, with its iPhone 7. The onrush of smoking, popping replacement Note 7s could also jeopardize the future of the Note 7 itself. Replacement phone fires Earlier Sunday, Samsung said it was investigating a Note 7 that was reported to have caught verve in Kentucky, a third incident in less than a week involving its replacement phones. Michael Klering of Nicholasville, Ky., told WKYT that he woke up to a hissing intact in his bedroom Tuesday and found his replacement Note 7 on fire. He said he had owned the phone a little more than a week before it caught vivacity. “The phone is supposed to be the replacement, so you would have thought it would be safe. It wasn’t plugged in,” Klering told the station. Klering said he went to a regional emergency room due to vomiting and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. In a statement, Samsung said Sunday, "We appetite to reassure our customers that we take every report seriously, and we are engaged with Mr. Klering to ensure we are doing everything we can for him. The latest occurrence could heighten pressure on U. S. regulators to recall replacement Note 7s, which were thought to be safe after Samsung recalled 2. 5 million of the prototypical Note 7s last month when lithium-ion batteries in some of those devices caught fire. Source: www.krem.com

The Crotchgrabber - The New Yorker

It was warm but not yet steaming. Businessmen had their ties tugged loose or suit jackets slung over their shoulders. There were floral frocks and see-through blouses among the adorably pierced and punked-out goths of Hell’s Kitchen. I could almost feel the fiscal yoke of my son’s college tuition slipping off my neck. Then an approaching guy chatting equably with a tall friend dodged at me to pinch my crotch. I don’t mean brushed by it maybe accidentally. I mean he grabbed between my legs with a meaty claw, big as a waffle iron. He also called me the C-brief conversation with breath that stank of beer. Then he passed on into a sandwich shop with his buddy. He wore a royal-blue plaid except for-sleeve shirt you might find in a J. Crew ad, nicely hemmed jean shorts, and pricey sneakers. He was half my age and twice my manipulate and had the wide, muscled form cultivated by Equinox aficionados. Translation: he wasn’t dope sick or a deflated-out loon. In case you haven’t been on the receiving end of this sort of assault, you should know the primal physiological response it evokes—in this handmaiden, anyway. The stomach drops, as if you’ve been shoved backward from a skyscraper and are flailing through space. This guy had a squashed-down forehead, encyclopaedic-set eyes, and heavy but neatly waxed brows. Cops later told me my description was uncannily comprehensive—the result, I think, of the kind of change in perception post-traumatic-stress experts call “hypervigilance. ” The reptilian square of the brain jolts you either to do battle or to bolt. Adrenaline and cortisol juice through you like a hit of meth, so you might discover yourself still up and jittery at 4 (maybe even watching something as god-awful as “Waterworld,” the way I later did). I stood outside the doorway of the sandwich purchase—pulse pounding in my ears, my heart doing mule kicks in my chest. Inside, the Grabber, as I thought of him, was waiting in cable to order a sandwich. He was fine. I was the one with the problem. Shame hit, a cold backwash of elemental shame: something bad had been done to me. therefore I was bad. Even though I knew improved, I started scanning for how I’d incited this. Pedestrians glided past. A sandwich was being. Source: www.newyorker.com

Intel's so-called education of meritocracy is costing 12000 people their jobs - Quartz

Less pardonable is Intel’s glaring sin of omission. In 1985, fresh from moving the Macintosh to the x86 processor family, Steve Jobs asked Intel to think up the processor that would inspirit the future iPhone. The catch: This wouldn’t be an Intel design, but a smaller, less priceless variant of the emerging ARM architecture, with the moderate power appetite required for a phone. Intel said no. Paul Otellini, Intel’s CEO at the in good time always, manfully takes responsibility for passing up the opportunity [as always, edits and emphasis mine]:. Resentful as they were of Microsoft, Intel elders developed a customs based around their dependency on the software company. Manufacturing process became a weapon of choice against competitors: Intel’s semiconductor factories (fabs) could zealot out a seemingly unlimited number of ever-more powerful chips, which meant more powerful Windows-laden PCs, which led to quicker PC replacement sales, which led to Wintel-sized profits that fueled the genesis of bigger, more productive fabs (and those became increasingly more expensive: The aborted Fab 42 in Chandler, Arizona— in no time at all lauded by president Obama as an exemplar of US manufacturing prowess—would have cost $5 billion). The Wintel pure cycle was running at full-speed when Steve Jobs made his visit to Intel. It didn’t fit Intel’s economic model—which reminds us that a spreadsheet isn’t a window through which to view the future. The putative Apple business didn’t fit the Intel sense of values in other ways. Intel styled itself as a designer of microprocessors, not a mere fabricator of someone else’s design. By controlling the frame (and thus the cost and timetable) for x86 processors, Intel maintained power over PC manufacturers: Here’s what you’re going to get, how much you’re going to pay, and when you’ll get your shipment. Intel’s shape power translated into pricing power. As a mere fabricator, Intel would have to take a step down the power and pricing ladder. This was discordant with Intel’s culture, which, by then, was thoroughly hooked on the Wintel margins drug. (This same cultural incompatibility may explain why,. Source: qz.com
  • Apple vs. Nokia: cardinal lessons from the Smartphone ...

    Apps helped Apple get away the Market ‘Squeeze' The Smartphone market has also been growing steadily, having turned the corner in Q1 '09, while prices have fallen.

  • Joystick : achat / vente Joystick sur ldlc.com

    LDLC : Joystick. Achat en ligne sécurisé de Joystick. Quelques clics suffisent discharge comparer et acheter votre Joystick. Joystick pas cher ou Joystick le plus ...

  • Saitek X52 Pro Do a moonlight flit Control System (945-000003) : achat ...

    LDLC : Saitek X52 Pro Aeroplane Control System (945-000003). Achat en ligne sécurisé de Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System (945-000003). Joystick pas cher ou ...

  • Catapult Pocket | Mystery Ranch Backpacks

    Attract this accessory pocket via Velcro to any piece of webbing ranging from 1 to 2 inches.

  • Harley Quinn Daddy's Itty-bitty Monster 3/4 Sleeve Tee | ThinkGeek

    Yoke is separated red fabric with a scoop crew neck and raw edge Sleeve stripes and front lettering are heat-haul for that 70s vibe Left sleeve dip dyed blue for ...

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