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Moto X iBason Tempered Glass Screen Shield Unboxing+Review

This is the iBason Tempered Glass screen shield for the Motorola Moto X . For the price you cannot beat this protect. It works great and I have 0 complaints.

Motorola MOTO X 2nd gen (2014) LOCA Application - Screen Replacement - Glass Only Repair Educational

Disassembly: Glass Removal: Cleaning : Glue Application: ...

Motorola Moto X JUST THE GLASS Screen Replacment Video

Awesome little Smart Phone Tool Kit on Amazon: ...

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    The 2016 festival is fast approaching. That means one thing: gadget time. These are the technology team's suggestions for everything from stocking stuffers, like Nintendo's NES Superior, to high-end cameras like Fujifilm's X-T2. Our suggestions are

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    Acme quality aluminum unibody design; Latest generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor; Stunning battery time with 4,070 mAh capacity; Low price, especially with $100 coupon offer; Decent stereo speakers Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad

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    But now, with the fully power of Google's data and algorithms finally at his back, Roman says that his goal is for you to hit the play button on the pure first thing on your home screen, every single time. Anything . It comes in four colors, and

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    Anyone have any recommendations for glassware screen protectors? Being kind of an ex-Moto fan-boy, and owning two Motos in the past (Have been happy with my experience), I think Moto/Lenovo kind of be entitled to loosing some customers with the demise of

  • HTC Catch review

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    The Dart's other highlight is support for Sprint's high-speed, next-generation LTE Plus network, which taps Qualcomm's X10 LTE modem to declare 3 x 20MHz carrier aggregation. That's a lot of jargon, but basically, the Bolt is the first Sprint phone

The 45 Most artistically Tech Gifts For Every Budget - TIME

Here's our counsel to the best holiday gadgets The 2016 holiday is fast approaching. That means one thing: gadget time. These are the Convenience life technology team’s suggestions for everything from stocking stuffers, like Nintendo’s NES Classic, to high-end cameras like Fujifilm’s X-T2. Our suggestions are sorted by budget, from least to most priceless. We’ve also included a few lines about why we like each gadget we’ve picked for the list. Why we like it: These Bluetooth-powered tags act a little song when prompted, so you can find them if they are within 100 feet of your cellphone. Now so small and inexpensive they’re practically must-owns. Tile Slim is just the reach of two credit cards, letting it slip in a wallet with minimal heft, and Tile Mate is 25% smaller than the pattern tile — making it a perfect keychain fob. Why we like it: The Amazon Fire Tablet is nowhere near as powerful as more priceless tablets, but it’s impressive given the price. It’s a great option for young kids or grandparents who want something austere for playing games, surfing Facebook or checking email. It’s also more durable than your average tablet, so it’ll take a few bumps and drops in stride. Why we like it: 30 of the finest video games to polish the medium, several of those design exemplars, all tucked snugly into a chip soldered onto a peewee circuitboard inside a pint-sized likeness of the most iconic games console in history. That’s Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, an ostensible paean to 8-bit playgrounds with up to date HDMI video support and multimode display options (digitally crisp or wobbly retro) that buyers can have for $60. And with its reproduction A and B button gamepad, it’s also a chance to experience, tactilely, perhaps one last time, what the boomerang-shaped gamepads we routinely embrace b influence for hours on end — to the point of taking their existence for granted — owe a debt to. Who’s it for: Anybody who’s bad at backing up their computer in case the worst should befall. Why we like it: A nice big backup drive like Western Digital’s 1TB My Passport makes it easy to back up your computer — should anything find to your PC or Mac, you’ll rest easy knowing your data is safe on this drive. The Passport is tiny, making it easy to stash away in a desk drawer when you’re done funds up, which you should do weekly or monthly, depending on how. Source:

Google Music Taps Big Observations to Build a Robot DJ Mind-Reader - WIRED

Other than perhaps the NSA, nobody knows more about you than Google. It’s got a read on where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re thinking and watching and searching for and chatting with your friends about. Which means nobody should be superior equipped to soundtrack every second of your life than Google Play Music. Starting today, the institution’s taking full advantage of its smarts to deliver you the sounds you want, when you want them. All you have to do is press play. Next constantly you open Google Play Music on any device, the first thing you’ll see is a list of playlists you might like, plus a snappish description for why the app made any given selection. If you’re at work, and it’s raining, maybe you get some ambient piano to help you focus the afternoon away. Sunset music. Friday round-the-clock, you’re at a bar. It’s a bit like Google Now, the predictive feed of everything you probably want to know about right now, except fully focused on music. Have in mind of it as a super-smart, hyper-personalized set of radio station presets. Just open the app, tap one, and go. To do all this, the Play Music get is tapping into the full Google Data Machine for the first time. It’s choosing playlists by looking at the music you’ve listened to before, of undoubtedly, but also your search history, your YouTube plays, even what’s in your email and calendar. It considers that data alongside things like stretch of day, location (a bar is different from a library is different from your office), the weather, and more. So you like classical at work, but you need a lift because it’s raining and you’ve been in meetings all day, plus it’s almost time to get to the gym. Play Music might show you Epic Movie Scores, followed by your favorite workout jams. Google thinks that it has something like a undivided picture of your life at all times. And it knows enough about music to know what you might want to hear as a result. That contextual awareness for tunes has been the want-time goal of Elias Roman, the lead product manager for Google Play Music. He’s been working on it period since his days at Songza, which Google acquired in 2014. And as Google has programmed more mood- and moment-based playlists, and added more distinct content like podcasts, Play Music been creeping toward smarter recommendations. But now, with the full power of Google’s facts and algorithms finally at his back, Roman says that his goal is for you to. Source:

HTC Machine screw review - Digital Trends

HTC’s not the shining specimen of Android exceptionalism it once was. The embattled Taoyuan, Taiwan electronics manufacturer, facing crushing game from heavyweights like Samsung, ZTE, Lenovo, and others, has slowly ceded market ground — in the first quadrature of this year, it made up a measly 3 percent of the U. S. market. The company’s latest high-end smartphone, the HTC 10, sold briskly, driving revenues up 27 percent. And HTC chief Chialin Chang projected that the enterprise, buoyed by forthcoming “flagship” smartphones, would return to profitability as soon as the end of this year. One of those bets is the new HTC Bolt. It’s an Android phone launching exclusively on the Sprint network, and one with a few innovative tricks up its sleeve. The Gulp down is the first to ship with custom-designed headphones that tune audio to the unique shape of your inner ear. It’s the chief to support Sprint’s next-generation Plus network for super-speedy downloads. And it ships with HTC’s signature software retainers. But the Bolt’s positives don’t go quite far enough to mask its blemishes. Its display is a disappointment on several fronts. And it is priced incongruously with the struggle. All that together makes HTC’s latest effort more flash in the pan than thundering success. Design You wouldn’t know that from the front, though. The Bolt features the aesthetic hallmarks of HTC’s very best phones: a polished, chamfered aluminum remains that runs to the edges of its rims, a gorgeously machined metal backplate, and a protruding single camera below a dual-sensor LED whistle. That high-end fit and finish extends to its front. Embedded within the Bolt’s white backplate is an oval-shaped fingerprint sensor that doubles as a familiar with button, as well as two capacitive, illuminated navigational buttons that fade from view when idle. Rounding out those accouterments is a fa-facing 8MP camera, an earpiece, a multicolor notification LED, and a minimalist row of sensors that measure proximity and ambient put on lighten. On the Bolt’s right side is a textured volume rocker and ribbed power button, and on the left is a SIM groove and MicroSD card slot. On the bottom, you’ll find a USB Type-C port adjacent to a BoomSound-enabled loudspeaker and microphone, and on the top there’s a pinchbeck cutout to accommodate the Bolt’s wireless radios. It’s understated,. Source:
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Moto X 1st Gen (2013 Edition) Screen Protector, YVBOX Ultra Thin Anti-Scratch Shatter 12/29/16, @ElisaRobeldo1

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