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Wireless Charging on the BlackBerry Priv

We take a first look at how the wireless charging works with the BlackBerry Priv . Check out for more info!

Wireless charging capabilities of the BlackBerry Z30

So after I received my BlackBerry Z30 on Verizon, I decided to try out a few things with the device to see for myself if they actually worked. Well I can tell you this ...

Blackberry Z10 Flip case with Wireless Charger, "I made it myself"

Blackberry Z10 Flip case with Wireless Charger, Hand made :) Easy to plug (no need to plug micro-usb cable, simply put the phone on the powermat, and fast to ...

  • office chaos wires workspace tangle 3monitors

    My Workspace

    Sometimes I feel the urge to document my life. In case I turn into a serial killer and people want to analyze my past.

    Photo by BeautifulFreaks on Flickr

  • vacation equipment kit gadgets

    Packing light for a week in Hawaii

    All this... my wife's laptop. Oh, and the less important stuff - my clothes and a wash kit.

    Photo by dotben on Flickr

  • Get Tuppence Samsung Galaxy S7 on Black Friday 2016

    11/11/16, via N4BB

    We are little short of there, Black Friday is just days away. This year, one of the best days to buy technology devices and electronics will be on November 25. But we already separate some of the deals you can get. Speaking of Samsung deals, Best Buy offers

  • Device Durango Shaker Concept First Look

    11/12/16, via N4BB

    It is the Deception Durango Shaker concept and it's everything a high-performance Dodge SUV should be. It borrows a number of elements from the Viper, Challenger and Charger, making it a illusion come true for enthusiasts looking for the best of all worlds.

  • Paramour, Hate and memories for Week 10

    11/10/16, via ESPN

    A CD of my doxy John Cregan's defunct band Dynamite Fraulein, a box of golf balls (I don't conduct oneself), a Blackberry charger (from 2008), one of Field Yates' shoes, a wooden Bartolo Colon figurine, a small box with cassette tapes, including Mojo Nixon and

  • LeEco Le Pro3 judge: Excellent hardware, affordable price, obtrusive software and services

    11/15/16, via ZDNet

    Distinct from some other Android smartphones from OnePlus and Lenovo, the Le Pro3 supports that standard Quick Charge 3 technology so you can top off quickly with a compatible USB Prototype-C charger. The stereo speakers sound great and in my comparison with other

  • From modular phones to wireless chargers, technologies that are expected to go mainstream in a second

    11/03/16, via Economic Times

    While we have wireless charging convenient for smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches, it has not been introduced for laptops. The reason behind this was that the tech is not powerful enough to charge a laptop battery as dissolutely as a wired charger

  • Powermat Receiver Genuine Blackberry Bold Phone Wireless Battery ...
    Powermat Receiver Genuine Blackberry Bold Phone Wireless Battery ...
  • Blackberry Curve 8900 Wireless Charger Receiver Door PMR-BBC2 for ...
    Blackberry Curve 8900 Wireless Charger Receiver Door PMR-BBC2 for ...

Get Low-cost Samsung Galaxy S7 on Black Friday 2016 - N4BB

But we already be acquainted with some of the deals you can get. Speaking of Samsung deals, Best Buy offers extremely good promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 touchstone version. Best Buy has already started the promotion for the Galaxy S7 Edge. If you want to buy arguably the best phone on the market privilege now, you do not have to wait for Christmas and the Holiday season. Best Buy has you covered. If you purchase a Galaxy S7 device from Best Buy now, you can put away up to $120 and get a free Fast Wireless Charger. The price for the charger is $59. 99, which brings your savings to $180. The price for the regular Samsung Galaxy S7 with 32 GB of internal blank is $549. 99. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, on the other hand, carries a price tag of $669. 99. Those are the deals you can get right now. If that is too up-market, you can wait for Black Friday, and get even better deals. On Black Friday, Best Buy will offer the Galaxy S7 and S7 Incisiveness with $250 gift card and free Gear VR headset. This way, you save up to $349. 99. You will have to pay the full sticker payment and get a qualifying plan from Sprint, Verizon or AT&T, but you’ll get savings in other way. And that $250 gift card will be great when the holiday occasion kicks in. Source:

Dodge Durango Shaker Concept Premier Look - N4BB

Prevarication Durango Shaker Concept: Exterior Just one look at the exterior of this concept car shows nothing but power and unfriendly masculinity. The B5 Blue paint borrowed from the Challenger blends nicely with the satin black on the hood, grille and debase bumper. To complement the satin black grille, the headlights have smoked lenses that complete the front end create. Like the name suggests, this Durango comes with the Shaker scoop on the hood – the first time this is occasion on a car that’s not a Charger or Challenger. Another key element in this car’s exterior is the custom fuel filler door. According to Dodge, it comes straight from a Challenger’s humanity panel. The SUV comes with 22-inch Mopar Wheels in a shade of black that contrasts richly with the B5 Obscene fenders. Moving on to the back of the car will show smoked tail lights, an improved bumper with chrome exhaust outlets mounted at the center and a consistency-colored spoiler on the top end of the tailgate. Dodge Durango Shaker Concept: Interior I’ll start with saying that this SUV comes with three rows of seats, but that’s not the most famed bit about the interior. The most outstanding thing is the fact that all the six seats are track-ready Viper seats. All of them come from the Viper Sports coupe so Harry gets to travel in unparalleled comfort no matter the row where they seat in. The seats have blue stitching that blends nicely with the dejected bezels and accents on dashboard and center control elements. You will also get a number of impressive Mopar accessories like unrelated start, wireless charging and sport pedals. Other cool elements of the interior include a flat-bottomed steering neighbourhood taken from the Dodge Charger SRT and a shifter on the center console replacing the rotary dial that is found on other Durangos. Dodge Durango Shaker Concept: Powertrain Most interpretation enthusiasts will be disappointed by the fact that this concept car doesn’t come with the renowned supercharged Hellcat engine. However, that doesn’t unaccommodating that the concept car is rubbish on the road. The engine on this Durango is bigger and more powerful that anything you’ll find on a standard Durango. It comes with a 6. 4 liter Hemi V8 that you’ll. Source:

Disposition, Hate and memories for Week 10 - ESPN

The purlieus launched in the spring of 2004, somehow people found us and we were eventually acquired by ESPN in early 2007, bringing myself and sundry others along with it to the Worldwide Leader. I bring this up because among my favorite things about the site was our daily email newsletter, which we called "The TRUM. " It stood for "Thoughts, ramblings, bootless info and musings," and it was a well titled -- a nightly brain dump of whatever was on my mind. Later, others on the placement contributed to it as well. It was, to the best of my knowledge (though I could easily be wrong on this), the first true blog about fantasy sports. During baseball and basketball edible, it was often me just riffing through the box scores, with quick-hit one-liners about what I noticed. During football, it would be about practice reports, advice, the games. And sometimes it would just be whatever was on my mind, random pop-culture musings or things that were going on in my life. I've old the format here occasionally on ESPN, and I miss the loose, nightly format of it terribly. Sadly, time and other responsibilities, both at vocation and at home, have taken precedence, and I haven't done a "TRUM" in years. But I was thinking of it recently because I'm moving. Profoundly, we all are moving. The fantasy staff is picking up from where we've sat since 2008 and settling down a few hundred feet away in a different construction on the ESPN campus. So, I've gotta pack up all my stuff and get it to a new place by Friday. I've spent the free time I have had this week growing through everything in my office. I've been in this same office for more than eight years now, and I am a pack rat, so this is no small feat. Throwing shit away, at least for me, is never fun. Seriously, Maclin is killing me. But, it's also necessary. We don't learn for the future without combing through the good old days. I am sad to leave my office. I am nervous about the new one, which is in a building much farther away from the TV studios than I am used to. Change is uncomfortable for some and I am certainly in that encamp. But, I'm hoping for the best. In the three years I did the nightly "TRUM," the most popular one I ever did was one where, on a summer vespers all the time when there wasn't much going on in the sports world, I just listed everything on my desk. Source:
  • Wireless Charger, ELEPHAS 3 Coils Qi Charging ... Wireless Charger, ELEPHAS 3 Coils Qi Charging Rack for Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Lumia, Blackberry and All Qi-enabled Devices- Black: Cell Phones & Accessories

  • Cellular State - Used Cell Phones, Cheap Unlocked Cell ...

    Hand-me-down Cell Phones, Cheap Unlocked Cell Phones - Shop hundreds of used cell phones, refurbished phones, and bargain-priced unlocked mobile phones at 50%+ off retail prices.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones & Accessories – Buy Unlocked Phones ...

    Tumble to BlackBerry smartphones & accessories at Shop BlackBerry Official Online Store. Browse products, see pricing & order online.

  • blackberry charger | eBay

    Discover great deals on eBay for blackberry charger and genuine blackberry charger. Shop with confidence.

  • Tutoriel : Mise à jour de son Blackberry sans le ...

    Tutoriel : Mise à jour de son Blackberry sans le Blackberry Desktop Software (fichier loader.exe)

  • BlackBerry Files Satisfy Against Nokia For Patent Infringement

    02/15/17, via

    Canadian-based tech colossus and once Nokia’s biggest competitor in the mobile segment – BlackBerry – has recently filed a suit charging Nokia with blatant ... which the company holds a couple of in the wireless technology. Back in 2011, BlackBerry ...

  • Wireless charging explained: The whole shooting match you need to know about powering your phone wire-free

    02/14/17, via Pocket lint

    Qi wireless charging has been adopted by numerous of the major smartphone manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola and Blackberry. The other standard that has the budding to steal the limelight from Qi is PMA, or Powermat.