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Repairing Headphones with Microphone (TRRS Plug)

Do you have a pair of headphones that have a microphone, bass boost, or some other feature that typical headphones don't have? This video demonstrates how ...

Ultimate Guide to Repairing Headphones with Microphone (Bose)

This video explains how to repair headphones with microphone + iPhone controls that have a loose connection. If you have lost sound in either of your ear buds, ...

Headset Review: Avantree Bluetooth stereo headphones with microphone & cord for iPhone & iPad

Our review of the Avantree Hive headset with Bluetooth, cable connection & integrated microphone for iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices. Available at ...

  • apple headset headphones microphone iphone

    iPhone Headphones

    A fabulous Apple headset with the microphone as the centerpiece! When using this image please provide photo credit (link) to: Canonicalized.com

    Photo by Canonicalized on Flickr

  • headphones consumer audiotechncia


    Introducing the Audio-Technica ANC3 noise-cancelling headphones. Using patented technology, these headphones detect external environmental noise through miniature microphones incorporated into each ear bud. These...

    Photo by Audio-TechnicaUK on Flickr

  • mobile dj photobooth flickrhq ipad djay

    iPad 2 + djay App + iDJ Live + laptop + AirFoil -> Airport Express = DJing the Flickr Holiday Party

    tl;dr version: Splitting live mix + cue mix can be tricky; adding AirTunes means latency, mixing over live system without a monitor can be challenging. Still, fun as hell for a $20 app + $75 controller hardware....

    Photo by Schill on Flickr

  • chrome whatsinyourbag messengerbag ipad nikond60 panasonicdmcfh25

    What's in My Bag?

    Surprisingly, the last "Whats in my bag?" photo I did has been one of my most popular. It's been some time, so I thought it was time for an update.

    Photo by jonnyfixedgear on Flickr

  • black sexy apple mobile technology phone 4 device tuaw  iphone

    iPhone 4 - Top

    The top of the iPhone 4. The small hole to the left of the headphone jack is the second microphone, for noise cancellation .

    Photo by William Hook on Flickr

  • Apple clear refines health monitoring headphone invention to accommodate AirPods

    11/15/16, via AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

    portions of the headphone contraption to trigger system controls like changing music tracks or invoking Siri. Alternatively, users can state one's position commands into a provided microphone, which are then processed onboard or offloaded to a host device like an iPhone.

  • 7 Outstanding Bluetooth Headphones Under $50

    11/14/16, via Techlicious

    You don't have to lavish a lot to get the convenience of wireless Bluetooth headphones .

  • Unplug and court: New iPhone pushes wireless headphones, but ...

    11/01/16, via Financial Post

    It is possible that a wireless utopia is within reach after Apple unveiled its iPhone 7 in September since it strongly encourages consumers to cut the cord.

  • LG V20 re-examine: lots of features, less refinement

    10/31/16, via The Verge

    LG's V20 is an Android phone I'd favour to people who insist on having one of the device's four cornerstone features: a replaceable battery, gingerbread manual video camera controls, excellent audio recording capabilities, or a hi-fi headphone

  • New Gadgets and Gearbox: 7 Fun and Futuristic Devices

    11/16/16, via Parade

    Hail to the future: It looks a lot like today, thanks to an ever-increasing range of electronic gadgets and gizmos that aim to do all things from transport you to lifelike 3D virtual worlds to put an entire PC's worth of functionality right in your

  • ... Audio Male to Earphone Headset Microphone Adapter PC iPhone | eBay
    ... Audio Male to Earphone Headset Microphone Adapter PC iPhone | eBay
  • iPhone 5 Dock Connector Headphone Jack Flex with Microphone White ...
    iPhone 5 Dock Connector Headphone Jack Flex with Microphone White ...
  • ... Headset Headphones Samsung iPhone LG w Call Mic Microphone | eBay
    ... Headset Headphones Samsung iPhone LG w Call Mic Microphone | eBay

Apple unmistakeable refines health monitoring headphone invention to accommodate AirPods - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

As published by the U. S. Copyright and Trademark Office, Apple's U. S. Patent No. 9,497,534 for "Sports monitoring system for headphones, earbuds and/or headsets" is nearly same to a patent grant of the same name issued in 2014. Today's version claims priority over the older instrument (which itself claimed priority over a provisional application dating back to 2007) and adds a few details suggesting Apple might in the end integrate some of the described technology into a near future product, specifically a next-generation AirPods device. According to recent revisions of the close patent, Apple's fitness monitoring system integrates an advanced biometric sensor package effective of detecting various physiological metrics including temperature, heart rate and perspiration levels, surrounded by others. Like most wearables designed with integrated sensors —Apple Watch among them —the proposed earbud-design device would track biometric data through skin contact within the ear, as well as motion activity via onboard accelerometers. The revised document, however, contains an updated set of claims suggesting Apple is working on an advanced iteration of the patented technology that could espy its way into a set of AirPods. Of note, the new patent iteration puts an emphasis on a touch- and voice-based input interface which replaces call of "head gestures" seen in the older version. With the updated invention, users interact directly with touch sensitive portions of the headphone manoeuvre to trigger system controls like changing music tracks or invoking Siri. Alternatively, users can plead for commands into a provided microphone, which are then processed onboard or offloaded to a host device like an iPhone. The described headphone principles sounds akin to Apple's new AirPods wireless headphones introduced in September. Along with the usual speaker and microphone setup simple to most in-ear smartphone headsets, AirPods features embedded infrared and motion sensors for controlling diversified system functions. For example, AirPods can power on and off independently when the infrared sensors detect the device is removed from a buyer's ear. Onboard accelerometers enable tap controls to activate Siri, which is subsequently used to control playback. Source: appleinsider.com

7 Tickety-boo Bluetooth Headphones Under $50 - Techlicious - Techlicious

With several top-file phones ditching the headphone jack (including the iPhone 7, the Google Pixel and the Moto Z), now is the perfect every now to pick up a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Even if your smartphone has a headphone jack, a Bluetooth headset means never getting tangled in your headphone wires again. While you can shell out a lot of cash on headphones, you can get a perfectly good pair for under $50 — and one pair on our list is just under $20. That's some great tech at a consequential price. Let's start off with a rundown of what features to look for when you're shopping for headphones. What kind of headphones do you want. Earbuds fit in your ear and can provide textile sound isolation even without noise-cancelling features. They're also extremely portable. However, comfort and fit vary a great huge quantity from earbud to earbud. Some come with sized earpiece inserts so you can find the right fit, and others use different methods to continue secure in your ears such as hooking over your ears. What you find comfortable may vary, so pay careful attention to the style and look for a pair off you can customize to fit your ears. The biggest downside of earbuds is limited battery life due to their small size. Upon them to last five to eight hours per charge. On-ear headphones are probably what you think of first when you think of headphones. Because on-ear headphones sit on your ear, you're likely to get a lot of extrinsic sound, and people near you are likely to hear your music if you have it turned up very loud. These headphones are much bulkier than earbuds — look for foldable headphones if you prerequisite to save space — but their larger size means battery life up to 40 hours. Over-ear headphones resemble on-ear headphones, except the ear cups fit over your ears. This isolates your ears from alien sound and keeps people nearby from hearing whatever you're playing. What features should you look for. Sound importance This is a priority for any headphones, and Bluetooth headphones are no different. While you won't get top-tier sound in the under $50 price range, you can certainly get perfectly pleasant sound. All our recommendations feature good sound quality. Battery life If you'll. Source: www.techlicious.com

Unplug and perform: New iPhone pushes wireless headphones, but ... - Financial Post

Cables are annoying, especially those married to your headphones that have a particular knack for ending up in granny knots no matter how carefully you put them away. But perhaps a wireless utopia is within reach after Apple Inc. unveiled its iPhone 7 in September since it strongly encourages consumers to cut the line whether they want to or not. Whether you picked up one of the iPhone 7 models or a competitor’s brand, there are some great options for wireless headphones that trade with any modern tech gadget (phones, tablets and even computers). Apple’s in-ear AirPods ($220) were also introduced in September. The plc is using Bluetooth 4. 0 technology, so it will work with most other phones, but part of what you’re paying for is the convenience of Apple integration. Apple devices will on the double recognize AirPods when you open their charging case and you are able to seamlessly hop around from device to device since it is synced to your iCloud account. Each earpiece has its own W1 processor, dual microphone and optical sensor to prophesy whether they are in your ear or not (when you take one out, audio is paused). Strip away all the iOS integration though, and you’re left with just a merely decent pair of headphones that has lovely solid battery life for an in-ear set (about four to five hours, but the charging case gets around 20). If lolly is no object, try Bose Corp. ’s QuietComfort 35 over-the-ear wireless headphones ($450). Bose is doing its Bose thing sporadically again by putting fantastic sound in such small speakers. Using Bluetooth 4. 1, the QuietComfort 35 can also be connected to most devices and it even has a particle microphone and remote that will work with certain Apple devices. The headphones are battery-powered for its noise cancellation technology, which works extremely well, and claims up to 20 hours of battery life (or 40 hours if you choose to use a headphone guy, but that’s clearly passé). There is an app to download, too, that will let you customize the QuietComfort 35’s equalizer or manage your paired devices (you can have two paired at the same even so for easy switching). Bose’s QuietComfort 35 is heavier, bulkier and more expensive, but you get what you pay for in sound and you won’t miss your headphone telegram. Apple-owned Beats Electronics LLC also has a new line of wireless headphones that offers a few options in terms of pricing and nobility. Source: business.financialpost.com
  • iPhone - headphone.com

    Tumble to the best iPhone headphones & headsets for your phone calls and music. Choose from in-ear, on-ear and around-ear headsets at HeadRoom- headphone.com.

  • Apple Earphones with Inappropriate and Mic

    Nous voudrions effectuer une class ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité.

  • Apple iPhone Stereo Headset w/Mic - amazon.com

    Modeled after the acclaimed new Apple iPod Earphones, the iPhone Stereo ... Headphone Earbuds 3.5mm In-Ear Headset with Microphone Earphone for Apple iPhone 6S ...

  • Amazon.com: iphone earphones with microphone: Electronics

    Online shopping from a crucial selection at Electronics Store. ... Poweron 2 Pack Earbuds For All iPhone iPod iPad Headphones Earphones With Outside Control Mic Volume ...

  • How to use Apple Earphones with Inaccessible and Mic with your ...

    Apple Earphones with Inappropriate and Mic not only work with iPod and iPhone, they also work well with Apple computers. Learn more about using these products ...

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  • Keep 25% off on Earphones, Vomach In Ear Headphones with Microphone Wired Earbuds with Mic for iPhone Android Computer

    12/06/16, via reviewsv.com

    Is the Earphones, Vomach In Ear Headphones with Microphone Wired Earbuds with Mic for iPhone Android Computer In reality worth the money in addition to all the “best product deals EVER” buzz? Are there better product options other than the Earphones ...

  • Brainwavz M100 IEM Tumult Isolating Earphones with Remote & Microphone Headset For iPhone iPad, iPod & Android Devices

    11/28/16, via head-fi.org

    Brainwavz Audio, who be the property to the GPGSHK, are an internationally quite well-known company that manufactures in-ears, full-sized headphones and audio accessories (mainly holders and ear pads). All of the models have in run-of-the-mill that they are in the ...

  • Shure MV88: a stout Lightning-enabled microphone for on-the-go recording [Video]

    11/25/16, via 9 to 5 Mac

    There is no 3.5mm input for headphone monitoring, which turns out to be a bit of an affair for those of you using this microphone with an iPhone 7. Removing the windscreen, which easily slides off, reveals the stereo microphone diaphragm. The microphone ...

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