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BlackBerry PlayBook Chargers Compared

A quick video overview of the charging solutions available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, including the PlayBook Travel Charger, the Rapid Charger and the ...

[Fixed] BlackBerry Playbook Charging Issue

I have had a few BlackBerry Playbook's which were laying around unused and recently wanted to recharge them but I was not able to, plugging in the micro USB ...

Blackberry playbook not charging Fix and More TIPS about this Beautiful Tablet - 2014

Foreword : So you hearth of the BB Playbook, and you never showed any interest, because they were not so cheap, and those that had them, traded or sold ...

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  • RIM BlackBerry Playbook : Analysis complet - Les Numériques

    Mise à jour du exam du 28/03/2012: cette mise à jour concerne la prise en mains de la tablette BlackBerry PlayBook après le progress de l'OS Tablet en version 2.0 ...

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